The visual web – big in the Philippines, the US, Canada, UK and Spain


According to Royal Pingdom, Pinterest is probably now bigger than Tumblr in the US.    I say probably, as Royal Pingdom consulted a number of sources from Comscore to Google Trends to Alexa, and they all gave slightly different results.

Even if Pinterest is only slightly behind that’s still a huge achievement, underscoring its 4377% growth over the past year (according to Comscore )

Royal Pingdom does however suggest that based on Google Insights, Pinterest is heavily US based, while Tumblr is global.

Google Insights is based on search queries, so I personally have gone back to Alexa, which shows that the top Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram countries are as follows.  Note this is based on the ranking in their individual countries, not overall.

Certainly Alexa suggests that Pinterest has not only passed Tumblr in the US, but in Canada, South Africa and Australia as well (though not in the UK).

But what about Instagram?   Instagram is off course an application and mobile network, with (when I checked on 28 June) 56.2 million users.   You don’t access it via the web unless you go through a web client such as Statigram.   Nevertheless, a look at web traffic still shows general interest and popularity.

What do these stats show?  They show that all three of the big visual social networks feature highly in the Philippines.   Along with (as expected), the US, Canada, Spain, and the UK.

The importance of social media in the Philippines has been documented before.  Last year the country was found to be the top Facebook market by % of the Internet population using it (92.9%).

And speaking of Instagram, at the start of the year, #igersmanila (the Manila chapter of the Instagramers super-fan group) had the highest number of tagged photos worldwide.  

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