Indonesia, Russia, Egypt lead in social media use


US research house Pew has come out with a global study breaking down the use of mobile / cell phones, the Internet and social networking across a range of developed and developing markets.

The latter includes Indonesia, but curiously not Brazil – with both being cited in previous research as having super-engaged social media populations.

Pew has created the above chart showing what % of the *overall* population (i.e. including those that don’t have the Internet) uses social media.   Israel leads with 53%, while one in two of the US population has a presence on social sites.

That table can however be turned around as follows, to show what proportion of the country’s Internet population is on social media.   Once you do that, the results are a little different:

A few observations, first of all, Indonesia coming at the top of the table is consistent with other findings, for example this one showing the country having the 2nd largest Facebook user base in the world.

Secondly both Russia and Egypt’s status in the top three confirms the role social media has had in circumventing traditional media in the protests faced in each country.  Indeed, only recently Twitter was named as the fastest growing language on Twitter.

Overall though, Pew’s research is now one of a number of studies demonstrating that once they get online, Internet users in emerging markets are much more active socially than their Western counterparts.

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