“Incentivised” apps – most users take the freebies and run

A watch-out for anyone who has plans for a branded app in 2012.   According to Harris Research in the US, if an app is incentivized (download this for points or freebies), barely 1/10 will end up using it.

Many branded apps are of course incentivised offering some kind of competition element to download.

Harris Research says that most will either uninstall it after use (37%), ignore it (28%) or ‘hardly’ (22%) ever use it.

I think that makes sense, an app needs to have some kind of functional use to drive engagement.   Case in point, I recently downloaded the Virgin Atlantic app.

It’s pretty good, but I didn’t download it because of the in-app games, but because of the Virgin flight info. which will be of use to me when I fly Virgin in the very near future.

Will I use it again?  Sure – next time I fly Virgin.

(via Marketing Charts)

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