The Mail Online – now the most popular newspaper website worldwide?

Not everyone is a fan of the Daily Mail (myself included), but the online version of the UK tabloid continues to establish itself as one of the biggest Internet news brands worldwide.

According to Comscore, in March 2011 the Mail and Guardian online were level pegging at 40-41 million odd visitors.      However by August, the Guardian was in distant second place with the Mail attracting an amazing 85 million visitors / month compared to the Guardian’s 53 million.

It is worth mentioning that the major UK newspaper brands now get a large share of their web traffic from outside the country.    As far back as 2009, Comscore showed that between 48%-73% of  UK newspaper site visitors were from outside the UK and I’d imagine that % will have increased by now.

A point to bear in mind if you are a UK PR getting coverage in the online edition of a UK newspaper – most of those X million eyeballs you quote your client in the coverage report are from outside the country.   Of course, that could be a positive depending who the client is.

Back in March, The Guardian said that the Mail was the second most popular English language news site after the New York Times.   It will be interesting to see if the Mail now has the no.1 spot, especially post the NYT’s (partial) pay wall.

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