Nothing like a bit of celebrity scandal to help Twitter hit the big time

The other day I mentioned that Twitter had seen its best UK traffic figures, following the use of the social network to circumvent gagging orders that celebrities had employed to prevent various indiscretions appearing in the press.

Hitwise now has the latest UK stats, and visits to Twitter keep on growing.   According to analyst Robin Goad, on Saturday, Twitter accounted for 1 in 184 UK Internet visits online.

The chart above pretty much says it all:   Previously there have been questions about the high level of Twitter churn with various estimates showing that 80%+ of accounts might be dormant.   This however will answer the question I used to hear quite a lot: “yes but my mum in Milton Keynes doesn’t use it.”  (or variations of that)

My answer at the time was usually – she might not use it, but the people who she reads about or watches / listens to do.

Now that answer can be changed again – she might not, but having had Twitter splashed on the front pages of the UK tabloids, she will almost certainly now have some kind of awareness of it.   Indeed, Robin’s post shows that Twitter visitors are becoming more mainstream and are moving closer to the UK population average.

Recently Comscore estimated that Twitter penetration was 12.9% of the UK Internet population.   It will be interesting to see how this changes in light of what has been happening over the past two weeks.

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