Netherlands no 1 in social media

The other month I posted on Comscore’s data showing that the Netherlands was the no.1 country in Twitter penetration as a % of the Internet population, ahead of the usual suspects such as Brazil and Indonesia (think of it – would we have called Indonesia and Brazil social media leaders 5 years ago?).

Turns out this wasn’t a rogue stat and is confirmed in a recent round of research.   Data released by Comscore last week shows that the Netherlands maintains its position as the no.1 Twitter country….and can claim the same accolade for the careers network LinkedIn.

Both Twitter and LinkedIn reach over 1/4 of the Dutch Internet population.  By comparison the figures for Twitter in the UK and US range from between 1/10 and 1/12 of Web users.   At the same time, it is worth noting that Japan was very close in terms of Twitter penetration (26.6% vs 26.8%) and that the emerging markets of Brazil (23.7%), Indonesia (22%) and Venezuela (21%) similarly have a significant % of Internet users on Twitter.

Separately, Comscore tells us that the Dutch spend the most amount of time online in Europe, ahead of the UK, Turkey and France.   In fact, people in the Netherlands spend 1/3 more of their time online as their German neighbours – would be quite interested to see how TV viewing fares in each of those markets.


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