No 1 for Facebook? The Philippines

So what’s the number one Facebook country – the US?  the UK?   No, according to Comscore its actually the Philippines, with over 9/10 of the Internet population using it.

In fact, what’s significant about Comscore’s chart is that 9/10 places in the Facebook top ten is taken up by emerging markets, the exception being Canada, in at no 9 with 85.6% Facebook penetration.

This is just one of a whole range of stats confirming that Internet users in emerging markets are more likely to be socially engaged than their Western counterparts.

For example, the TNS Digital Life study last October found that “rapid growth markets are more engaged than those in mature markets.”

And when Comscore looked at Twitter last month, it found that three of the top five Twitter countries were emerging markets (the top Twitter country is in fact the Netherlands with 22.3% reach).

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