The top Twitter country? The Netherlands

The top country for Twitter use as a % of the Internet population isn’t the US, or indeed the UK, it is the Netherlands where 22.3% use the micro-blogging service.

This is according to Comscore, which also shows significant Twitter penetration in emerging markets with around 1/5 Internet users in Indonesia (19%), Venezuela (21.1%) and Brazil (21.8%) accessing it.

Comscore says that in the UK, 1/8 (12.9%) of the Internet population uses Twitter, while a separate Pew study in the US at the end of last year put the figure at 8% – with non whites, women and urbanites most likely to use the service

All this makes Twitter much more of an international and multi-cultural service than what it once was.   Consider that back in June 2009, Sysomos found that over six in ten (62%) of Twitter users were in the United States.

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