Facebook marches on and on – Mexico, India, Brazil lead the way

Recently there has been some discussion about whether Facebook has hit its ceiling in both the US and UK and whether penetration could move much above 40%.   Apparently it can as the August figures from Inside Facebook show.   The August stats seem to suggest that early summer dips for Britain and the States were at least in part due to seasonality with the US showing 3.9% month on month growth and the UK 2.9%

US penetration now stands at 43.8% in the UK it is 45.9%.   Canada is also on track to become the 1st country where more than half the population uses the service (currently it is at 49.2%).

The biggest levels of growth can however be seen in some of the emerging economies.    Brazil saw a growth of 13.4%, Mexico 14.5% and India 14.3%.    At the moment Facebook use is only at 3.2% of the total population in Brazil, however social media use as a % of the Internet population is 86%.   This places them top of the league of social media users globally according to Comscore.

Next billion net users in new markets
And it is in these emerging markets that brands should start to focus their online efforts.   In a separate study, the Boston Consulting Group has said that the next billion net users will be from states such as Brazil, India, Indonesia, Russia and China.

In the study, Boston Consulting specifically pointed to social media being more popular in Brazil and Indonesia than in the other countries.   This ties into another Comscore study last month which found that the highest % of Twitter penetration as a proportion of each country’s Internet population can be seen in Indonesia (20.8%), Brazil (20.5%) and Venezuela (19%).

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