Useful links from the last few days

Useful links that caught my eye:

  • Virgin America: flying social media into the abyss | Econsultancy – Interesting article from Patricio Robles on econsultancy about Virgin America using Klout to offer freebies to so-called Twitter influencers to promote their new Toronto flights. Patricio says that he thinks Virgin is paying the consumer to like them, but I disagree – surely Virgin America is simply doing what travel brands have been doing for decades in terms of offering press trips, though this time it’s not journalists they are targeting but people with a large following online.
  • The third installment: From destination to integration – Digital is moving from editorial to social to integration says Norwegian digital strategist Helge Tenno. Technology is now being connected to everyday objects – Helge’s post features a film from the Betacup Project, how electronic augmentation can be added to a coffee cup sleeve