More research which shows social media chatter = increased sales

Perhaps not the most surprising result when you think about it: Comscore has found that on Facebook the visitors who spent the most time on the site also spent the most money online, with the top 20% of users shelling out $67 in Q1.

A few more results from the study (via emarketer): Unlike on Facebook, the most prolific users of Twitter are not the biggest spenders, perhaps a consequence of Twitter’s power users seeing the network as more of an information and news exchange.   However at the same time, Twitter users did spend more online overall than Facebook users.

Also, users of Facebook and Twitter spent more on the Web than Internet consumers in general.   People who spent no time on Facebook spent $27 online in Q1, $40 less than those heavy users Comscore talked about.

So in summary, yet another study that shows that people spending time talking about your brand on social media translates into extra £, $ or € when they start spending.

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  1. Social medias playing bigger and bigger role in our lives, so we can say who are controlling social medias, can control us. Maybe Morpheus was right :)

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