X-Factor + Twitter = the return of the TV schedule

Take a look at the chart above, it’s the % of tweets for UK reality TV show X-Factor (yet again fronted by Simon Cowell).   On Sunday night, X-Factor chatter was included in 1.5%+ of all tweets.

Even though the UK is the second largest Twitter market after the States, that’s still significant when you consider that the UK’s market share is still below 10%.

Indeed, despite the discussion over the past few years about the likes of Tivo or Sky+ making live TV viewing and hence schedules redundant, there’s a case that Twitter brings it back.

Starting from the US Presidential election campaign a year ago, Twitter has acted like a kind of virtual living room for millions of people.   You might or might not be watching the box on your own, but you still engage in live comment with a circle of people you’re connected with – indeed, it’s arguably an improvement on chatting about it with people in the same room, as with Twitter you can still hear what’s going on!

Marketing blogger Nick Burcher calls X-Factor and the like ‘the ultimate in socialised TV’ – “It is clear though that compelling TV content does drive people to go online, often simultaneously.”

I’d even reverse that statement around.   It’s clear that compelling connections online will drive people to turn on their TV sets – often simultaneously.

(With thanks to fellow digital PR Anna Hardman, who gave me the idea for this post)


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