The second most popular word on Twitter? "I"

This survey dates from June, but I’ve included it in case you missed it first time around, as I did.

While preparing for an interview with Rosalie Marshall of V3, I was looking for data to support the fact that a) People tweet about brands – check, 20% of all tweets are brand related. And b) that people’s favourite topic of conversation online is themselves. The conclusion being that people are highly likely to relay a personal experience – good or bad – that they’ve had with your brand.

And here we go, Oxford University Press did a study of 1.5 million tweets. The most common word in a ‘tweet’? “The.” And the second most popular? “I.” By comparison, I is the 10th most popular word in every day language.

According to the people at Oxford University Press, “no doubt this reflects on the intrinsically solipsistic nature of Twitter.” No doubt…

Image – Feuillu

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